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This Next Snowy Winter in Dubai Brought to You By…

World Island Dubai

World Islands, Dubai

For those crazy people that move to the mild winters of the United Arab Emirates and yet somehow still long for rain, snow, cold and the gray of winter, don’t worry! There are plans to bring a micro-climate just for you to the Middle East! 

The World Islands being constructed and developed off the coast of Dubai will soon be home to inclement weather! Hooray?! While the rest of us ponder if 70 degrees is too cold to be classified as a beach day or not, you can bundle up, shovel snow, make a snow man, slip on ice, freeze your tootsies off and then perhaps round it out with an icy road traffic accident–cannot imagine how people will drive in snow and ice here! I guess you missed all the news about the Polar Vortex stuff in the US.

Apparently, you can bring humans to warm weather, but you cannot make them LOVE it! Some still long to be cold. (this is me shaking my head at them) Who knew?! Check out the latest news here.

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