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Shameless Plugging. Two Reasons to Be Happy Tonight! does Abu Dhabi
  1. Someone out there, other than my mother reads my blog! I know my mother reads Lizzy of Arabia very seldom because she cannot see all that well and cannot operate her IPad without her “tech support,” Marcia Maquire–thank you, Marcia :).

  2. Someone out there wants me to contribute to their website!! Wow!! The small things in life keep you going when your life is in flux. I say this is a “small thing,” but to me, it’s kind of a big thing!! I don’t consider myself a writer, though I love to write. Wherever I go, I need to express myself creatively. I believe this can be done painting, singing, cooking, decorating, politicking, you name it! Right now, writing is the most logical vehicle. 

I am so happy that someone took interest in my blog. I have realized in my brief time here that I am an real life ambassador. It’s my duty to represent my country well. It is also my duty to let westerners (specifically Americans) know that the Middle East is not some frightening no man’s land full of people who hate us. It is full of hard-working, wonderful people trying to go about their days and lives just like you and I. The Middle Eastern “boogeyman” that the U.S. media has created is a farce. This place is worth exploration!! If you are interested in culture, history, art, medicine, Formula 1, amusement parks, haute cuisine, outdoor sports, religion, falcons, camels, beach life, sun, or just plain fun! Come for a visit!! It’s all here!




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