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  • Liz Totton

An Aerial Obstacle Course

Are your kids climbing the walls while homeschooling? Give them ropes to climb and be rewarded with an epic outdoor adventure at the new Circuit X Ropes Park on Hudayriyat Island

When Abu Dhabi parents asked for more outdoor and active things to do for their children, MODON and the city answered their calls with Hudayriyat Island. The beachside destination was already the leading spot in the city for running, cycling, swimming, and they recently added high ropes, BMX, and skateboarding to that long list of fun activities that you can do at the sporting hub. Circuit X in Adventure Village is the newest must-visit destination for families in Abu Dhabi.

Three teenagers affiliated with me, Lizzy of Arabia, were invited to give the Ropes Park and what they found were spine-tingling thrills and a few sections of the Black Circuit that were not for the faint of heart or the acrophobic.


High Ropes Course

The Ropes Park at Circuit X offers three levels of high ropes challenges, plus three bonus challenges you can add on if you like. We’ll break it down by age before we get to the review.

Kids 7 years+ who are over 121cm begin with the Green circuit which takes them on an introductory loop of different obstacles.

If they are confident in their skills and with the level 1 course, they can move on to the Blue Circuit for their second lap. It’s recommended for kids 11 years and older but kids who can complete level 1 with ease are allowed to move as long as they meet the height requirements even if they are under 11. If your kids have had any ropes course experience, they are likely to find the high ropes course here relatively easy.

The Black Circuit stands at a daunting 10m above the ground is only for teens that are 15-years and over, and it’s pretty intimidating—even for some experienced climbers.

The team hooks you up into your safety gear and gives you a brief tutorial on how to do the ropes and how to get out of a jam, which came in handy on the Black Circuit for sure. If their advice is just not enough, don’t worry! Help is never too far away, and there is always a staff member nearby to talk you out of a tough spot on the course or help you through it—whatever you find you need most.

Our group of three teenaged girls loved all levels of the ropes course, but they did find one section particularly hairy and needed a bit of coaching from the staff below to help them through. Thank goodness the Black Circuit was not too busy on the morning we came, because it took them a little while to get through it. The freefall and zipline were easily the group favorites though.


The Freefall allows you to plunge 13 meters to the ground in a controlled platform jump. All three thought this was super fun and are very anxious to get back and do it again and again.


A favorite with kids, the zip line descends from the highest point in the ropes course 100 meters across the whole park. It’s thrilling and so nice to see the island from a bird’s eye view.

Climbing wall

The climbing wall is open to kids from 110cm and/or 6 years in age. The 50ft high wall is one of the most challenging climbing walls open to kids in Abu Dhabi in the younger age group. The very friendly and knowledgeable staff is on hand throughout the park for safety, education, and encouragement.



There are a number of packages at Circuit X depending on what activities your group wants to try. The most popular is the Extreme Package which allows kids to experience all the rope park attractions for just AED 105. The rest of the prices are as follows:

Ropes Course (2 circuits), AED 55

Free Fall, AED 35

Zipline, AED 35

Climbing Wall, AED 35

Rush Package (Ropes Course + 1 Activity) - 1-time access, AED 80

Level-Up Package (Ropes Course + 2 Activities) - 1-time access, AED 95

Extreme Package (Ropes Course + 3 Activities)- 1-time access, AED 105

Visitors, AED 10


Sunday – Wednesday, 2 PM - 10 PM

Thursday, 2 PM - 11 PM

Friday & Saturday, 9 AM - 11 PM


Circuit X is part of the newly opened leisure facilities on Al Hudayriyat Island.

The Adventure Village area is easy to find. Just take your first right after the bridge and drive until you see the new Bab al Nojoum glamping complex on the left side of the road and the huge dome of 321 Sports on the right. You can’t miss the large high ropes frame as you approach on your right, parking is in front and this little hut is where you check-in.

Happy Climbing! Let me know if you have any questions.

Here's how to reach the fine folks there:

Pre-booking is required during COVID restrictions.


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