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Liz Totton

UAE/USA-based Storyteller | Journalist | Blogger | Copywriter | Editor

“One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way
of seeing things” Henry Miller

I'm Lizzy, a UAE-Based/US born storyteller and journalist with 15 years’ experience in the business of words and copy and a lifetime of experience in travel. My portfolio of writing spans across magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs, apps, and social media. I regularly write for both online and print, I also work in copywriting, blogging, and branded editorial.


While I've written extensively on the Middle East, I also cover a variety of travel topics and destinations. This has included everything from safari travel in South Africa, to travelling with kids across Southeast Asia to women’s surf camps in Indonesia and the culture and arts scene in Abu Dhabi. I've traveled to more than 40 countries and some of the things I've enjoyed most are uncovering the lesser-known sides of a destination, interviewing inspirational people I meet along the way, and helping people find the words to tell their stories.


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What I Do

I’m a seasoned creative with superb instincts, a passion for language, and a perpetual fascination with human behavior as it reveals itself in stories. I’ve written, SEO-optimized, and managed numerous conversion-friendly web pages, digital content, blogs, speeches, e-books, white papers, and email campaigns. Whether I am working on print or digital, my missions are to understand a brand’s story so it can be better communicated to a targeted audience and to facilitate fruitful conversation and build irresistible engagement.


My Stories

Read about my adventures exploring Abu Dhabi and beyond. 



Learn more about how I write and what I like to write about here. My primary beats are travel, dining out, food trends, contemporary art, and my favorite pieces to write are wherever any of those themes intersect.


Caveat: Many of the links are forever lost to time and web servers.


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The Author

What People Say

"In the year or so that Liz has been a contributor to Forbes Travel Guide, I’ve found her communication to be strong and her writing about Abu Dhabi to be quality. In fact, the only issue we’ve had is that we don’t have a few clones of her in other parts of the globe."

- DeMarco Williams, Managing Editor of Forbes Travel Guide

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