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New to Abu Dhabi? Get the 411

New in town? I can help!

Are you new to Abu Dhabi? Just flew in? Lizzy of Arabia would like to extend a great big Welcome out to all the “newbs” here in Abu Dhabi…er…I mean August newcomers. You have come to the right place to get the 411. If you are wondering if it’s painfully obvious how “new” you look, wonder no more, you look dazed, sweaty and confused–like a gazelle in the headlights. It’s true! Your new friends won’t tell you, but I will, because I was you this time last year. And yes, I still look sweaty and a bit disheveled but that’s just my look, you got a problem with that?! Anyway, New to Abu Dhabi? Get the 411 here!

Last year, we moved here and there was no one, I repeat no one, to help us. There was a little help at the hotel. There was no one at my husband’s work. There was no one at my kids’ school, which I least expected. I anticipated a welcome wagon of international moms or a guidebook or something, but there was NOTHING!—no welcoming moms, no parent handbook, no “Welcome to Abu Dhabi” guidebook. Nada, nothing! It was a genuine lost opportunity that I hope to help rectify at my kids’ school this year. Seriously, how everyone has missed this golden sales’ opportunity here baffles me, but that a whole other story of 24K golden missed opportunities in Abu Dhabi.

So, I have finally finished my Interactive map of Al Raha Beach and Khalifa City A (KCA) to help you find your way around.  In case you are unacquainted with American speak, “411” refers to “information/help.” To my knowledge, there is no other map like it. This one is rife with personal experiences and opinions, but if you learn only one new thing on this map, it will be worth your while. I am also happy to help with any questions you may have regarding doctors, dentists, cobblers, caterers, framers, masseurs, to bakeries and local photographers. I will also help you find a neighborhood to live in or that long, lost ingredient-I love to cook. If the practitioner/item/store you require is not here, e-mail me and I will help you to find it! If you are New to Abu Dhabi, click on the map to get the 411.

AD411 Map_New to Abu Dhabi?

New in town? Get the 411 here! Click the Map Above.

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