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I Want to Live on Camel Street

My neighbor on Camel Street.

My neighbor on Camel Street.

If the city street names absolutely MUST change again, let it be known that I, personally, Want to Live on Camel Street. I recently read in 7DaysinDubai that the powers that be in Abu Dhabi were, yet again, pondering changing all the street names here in the city of Abu Dhabi to reflect their history and culture. You may have read, not long ago, when I blogged about an article, published recently in the same rag, also about the city recently changing the names of the city streets. I am sensing a trend here. No one in government is ever fully satisfied with the names of their city streets here, are they? Well, I know why–they are all called the same darn thing!

Sheik Zayed Street

The Corner of Sheik Zayed Street & Sheik Zayed Street.

This obvious street name repetition gets a bit confusing for drivers—especially us new folks. I have more than once found myself downtown at the intersection of Sheik Zayed the First Street and Sheik Zayed the First Street and wondered why, in this world of words, can we not have different street names? Seriously, what’s wrong with street numbers? I’d gladly say:

“Driver, take me to 5th and Camel street, and Make Haste!” That would be so fun and easy. But, for now, I can only say “Driver, take me to the corner of Sheik Zayed the First Street and Sheik Zayed the First Street.” He promptly turns back to me confused. I return his confused look and offer either “it’s near the wavy-looking building…or the World Trade Center… or the Corniche… or Just drive, I’ll get you there when we are nearby.”  

I bet Sheik Zayed was so wonderful and worth his weight and right in all roads and highway names in the emirate, but seriously can’t we call a street something else? For luck? For speed? For efficiency?

When this day does come, I want to live on Camel Street–by now, you all know my penchant for camels. In this case, the road name changes are fully supported by yours truly, and I think it would be markedly helpful in the simple art of getting around. While I do find it frustrating that they are constantly changing the street names, I have faith it’s for the greater good; i.e. a day will come when it will be easy to get where you want to go in Abu Dhabi.

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