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I Came I Saw and I Conquered A Lobster

Say hello to my little friend, Caramel, Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat, Boston lobster in Abu Dhabi

Say hello to my little friend, er…goodbye…

Every now and again you face a foe so fearsome you quake in your flip-flops. I met my match in a restaurant on–yes, you guessed it, Saadiyat Island–my favorite place in Abu Dhabi. On Wednesday night, I came I saw and I conquered a lobster.

My foe was a crustacean, and he wouldn’t have seemed so formidable if I had not already been so sated. And, here I am, of course, talking about eating the darn thing–not slaying him. Someone somewhere near Boston was kind enough to capture him, a slew of people were instrumental in his journey here across the globe—alive. And, then a talented chef or two here in Abu Dhabi boiled him. He really wasn’t much of a threat to me when said chefs plated him, or when a lovely waiter served him to me. But, man-oh-man the thought of eating him challenged me. Why, you may wonder? Well, I’ll tell you when I talk about my enjoyable foray into fine dining food reviews, which I had the unique opportunity to sample the other night. Coming soon, and when Lizzy of Arabia says “coming/opening soon,” she means it.

Mean Lobster Lizzy of Arabia I Came, I Saw, and I Conquered A Lobster

My foe


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