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How to Gift an Expat

Gifting Lizzy of Arabia, You got a gift, #fathersday

Aw shucks, is that for me? You shouldn’t have?! Well yeah, I did tell you exactly how to gift me. Thank you all the same. 😉

How to Gift an Expat, June Edition Ah, Spring… ‘tis the season for so many holidays—exhausting, I know. There’s Mother’s Day, graduations, SO many birthdays lately (I cannot even begin to count them all), and of course there’s Father’s Day–by the way, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the dads out there today. Need I mention all the very sad going away parties? Many of my family members and friends ask me often “how to gift an expat” in Abu Dhabi/Dubai when we have don’t have addresses. How do you? It’s a great question. I know my mother is very bothered by the fact that I have no address when she wants to send birthday cards or gifts to my kids. So, I have come up with a solution to satisfy her and to offer you.

You Got a Gift from Lizzy of Arabia, #fathersday

You Got a Gift! It’s fun to get these in your inbox.

The kind media staff at You Got a Gift brought this painless and novel form of gift-giving, for the expat in your life, to my attention, and I thought I would share it with you. (They even gave me a free pair of movie tix–thank you YGAG ;). This website is great and ever so easy. Basically, You Got A Gift sells e-gift cards for places that offer stuff you really want, like Vox cinema, GoSports, Toys R Us, electronics, books, beauty and wellness, fashion, and more. You choose the denomination, personalize a message, and You Got a Gift sends the e-cards straight to the recipient via Facebook, SMS or e-mail. What could be easier and who doesn’t want things like this, I ask? Yup, pretty much no one. I also liked that the recipient could choose what they really want, rather than me having to worry about that. Honestly, I cannot tell you how many unused spa cards I have; I hate massages. People don’t always know that though. It especially sucks to not fully appreciate being pampered here, because there must be a ratio of 5 “saloons” to every person. I tried this out, and it was honestly as easy as it sounds. I was strapped for time and late to an adult friend’s birthday party, I had to find a gift fast. I turned to You Got A Gift; I was glad that I did. It took me less than 5 minutes, and I even made funny a video message to accompany it right there on the spot. Giving less personal gifts, like money or gift cards, is always more fun with a cute message or funny video to give it some of your flair. The e-gift card was delivered before I even got to the party, and my friend loved it because it simple, easy, fun and unexpected!

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For now, You Got a Gift is only here in the Middle East, so I cannot give it you unless you are here, friends–I’m very sorry to say–but you can give it to me, my family or your friends and family here (if you have any)—hint hint. Just kidding. Wait a minute! No, I am not! After all, you have and an address–you don’t need it anyway. You got a gift is for those of us who do not have addresses and even maybe some who do. Either way, it’s cool. Check it out or, better yet, tell your relatives to check it out. I might just give one to my husband from his kids for father’s day. Happy father’s day, daddy (R.I.P) and to my husband–you are an amazing father. I’d toot your horn, but I know you wouldn’t want that. You hate how I over share.


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