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Heard Y’all Missed Me?! Well, I’m Back!

Hi there people! I am back to blogging. I was compelled to take some time off to experience earning money for writing = REVELATION! Lol.

Some of you know that I took a full time position in September as a writer for a weekly publication here in Abu Dhabi. This is my dream job – well, close. Let’s say that if it involved some travel writing, then it would be my hands down dream job.

Churning out the many articles that I do every week left me creatively sapped. There just was nothing left to blog about.

I also started to put too much emphasis on trying to monetize my blog. I vow to return to my roots in 2015 and just write for fun.

Lately, I feel a little different, as though I have something to share.

Perhaps it’s because I have two weeks off. Wahoo!!

Perhaps it’s the New Year? Putting some energy into Lizzy of Arabia is a resolution.

Perhaps it’s the fact that we are finally doing some traveling. You may remember we moved here to be closer to more places to which we dreamed of traveling. I waited patiently – which is NOT my forte – while the puzzles pieces of our expat lives here began to fit together.

In several days, we leave on a short, weeklong holiday to Chennai, India.

Chennai Map

My nomad feet have been itchy. I am excited to get back out in the big, wide world around us. I am so tired of 5 star everything. I long to be in a part of the world where one experiences life more viscerally. The life of an expat in Abu Dhabi is a bubble. I want to see real people in all kinds of states of existence, and India is full of exotic juxtapositions and wonders – it is one of my favorite countries in the world for the latter reason.

It should be an interesting week. We have planned nothing. We just want to explore and be surprised by the city. India is full of so many surprises: good and bad. We will be spending a sliver of Christmas night in Chennai; most of it will be in flight and transit.

So, Merry Christmas to anyone out there who observes. Peaceful wishes to all that don’t.

In the meantime, fill me in on what I missed in your lives. Some comments might inspire me to keep writing!

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