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Daily Photo–Window

Today, I offer a pretty leaded crystal window at the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. We went here a few month’s ago when my mother was in town visiting in December. 

Tomorrow, my youngest daughter is going back to the Grand Mosque on a field trip. One thing I particularly like about living here in Abu Dhabi is the frequent field trips the school children get here. This is a private school so it has resources for such visits. The United States’ (maybe not plural here–I can only speak for my one school district in Washington state) insufficient funding/poor management of the public schools has led to a lack of cultural excursions. I remember, as a child, going to lots of local museums and attractions to learn about where my hometown/region. Such trips are fundamental to a child’s education. They give children, who may not be able to afford to or who just do not take such trips with their family, a window to their hometown: a sense of understanding and pride. I hope they someday get re-instated. I would like to stand corrected here about the status of field trips stateside. 

Grand Mosque window in Abu Dhabi

Leaded Crystal Window at the Grand Mosque.

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