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Daily Photo–Sri Lankan Greeters

I have no energy for much of a commentary tonight. We had an International Food Festival today at school, which was so much fun. Parental groups set up booths to represent the food of their respective countries, and they absolutely knocked themselves out! The food was equally amazing, and the volunteers were all tireless.

The photo I offer tonight is one of the young greeters from the Sri Lankan booth. They stood at the entrance of the booth handing all guests frangipani flowers. The booth was one of my favorites, and it did end up winning for “Best Booth” aesthetically.

Sri Lanka is a country that I have not been to, but it is high on my list of places I want to see while we are so very close. The people working the booth and the food confirmed this for me today.

Greeters from Sri Lanka

Greeters from Sri Lanka

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