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Daily Photo–Reflection

Every morning I run around the island that I live on, called Al Muneera. It’s a man made island surrounded by buildings which are all enclosed in blue or green glass windows. Every morning I take note of the reflections that the rising sun’s light reflected on these windows cast on the rippling water. It’s so beautiful. Every morning I wish I had my camera. The title “Reflection” is fitting for this photo because my morning run is my time to reflect on the previous day, the coming day, and life in general. I cannot live without it.

This morning, I grabbed my camera after I ran and showered, and I raced down there. I was worried I’d miss that elusive rising sunlight. I missed the best part, but I was still able to take a few shots. Today, I offer this cropped piece of one photo of the reflection of the Al Barza building, here in Abu Dhabi, on the water. I think it looks like a painting; in fact, I think I might just paint it. 

Al Barza, Reflection

Al Barza Building Reflected on the Water

I know the snippet is a bit abstract so, for context, I have added the whole photo. Which do you like better? 

Al Barza

Al Barza


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