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Daily Photo–Red Sailboat

So, I am launching something new. Daily Abu Dhabi photo delivered right to your inbox. I am going to post something that fascinates me daily, then move it onto the Daily Photo Page the next day. I will try to capture everyday things I see out my window, at school, sight-seeing, dining, whatever. I hope it’s interesting to you. I grabbed this idea from a mom at school who is photographing some really interesting things. I like this idea especially because I really want to take more photos of this place. I know I would regret not having photographed more of what I do here, if say we had to leave like next month, which always feels like a very real possibility here. 

Today, I saw this red sailboat outside my window. I am captivated by the colors here. The water is just so turquoise on a sunny day. The contrast was amazing. 

red sailboat, abu dhabi, Yas Island, Yas Beach

#YasIsland #TravelPhotography #AbuDhabi #YasBeach #Sailing

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