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Daily Photo–Oreo Cookie

Behold the Aldar Building! It’s a building, of course, not the beloved cookie back home. We see this round, flat building every day here in Al Raha Beach. I thought it so exotic and unusual when we first landed. We all marveled it daily referring to it as “The Oreo Cookie Building” or “The Hockey Puck.” It is the headquarters of many companies. The Oreo famously houses Aldar (its namesake), which is a major real estate development firm here in Abu Dhabi.

Now, this grand building fades on and off our radar merely serving as our compass when we get lost in Khalifa City A or elsewhere. On a clear day, you can see it from the city–probably further. It is an architectural marvel. This photo does not do it justice, as I snapped it from my car window after a shopping trip. I remember seeing photos of it online and thinking it was amazing. Now, it’s just the building next to the mall and grocery store and our compass. It is so strange how the foreign eventually becomes the usual in such a short period of time.

Aldar Building

Aldar Building, aka the “Oreo Cookie” or the “Hockey Puck.”

If you care to learn a little about it, this blog that I stumbled upon has some interesting facts here

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