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Daily Photo–Mediterranean like

The weather is just so nice here right now. Temperatures are perfect everyday, like the best sunny, summer day ever from whence I came. Despite that, I have been feeling kind of low lately. I am not sure why. Forcing myself to get out for these photos is somewhat therapeutic.

So, this bush is planted everywhere in Abu Dhabi. It is one of the staple tropical imports used in landscaping here. Because the weather is so perfect and it’s not too hot, everything is now growing as though it were native. This will change in the months to come, when the heat becomes scorching to all forms of life. There is not much native to here as a result. There are days when this place feels almost like the Mediterranean, if I close my eyes and squint a little because, of course, I would not mind spending a few years’ living anywhere on the Mediterranean again. Who wouldn’t? This photo reminded me of Greece. I snapped it outside the dentist the other day.

Yet again, I am calling out to readers and friends to identify this bush. It’s beautiful. I’d love to know what it’s called. I think I may have inquired about it at the Plant Souk several weeks’ ago, only to be answered in incomprehensible English by the shop keeper–not his fault. I, of course, don’t know his language. I also tried to Google Image Search this, and the results were not useful. If anyone knows what this flower/bush is, let me know. 

Pink Flower Bush, Abu Dhabi

Pink Flower that Grows Everywhere.

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