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Daily Photo–In My Next Life…

There is a common joke in communities such as mine. Most have heard it before. Weary husbands over drinks at parties like to jest, “In my next life, I’m coming back as an Expat Wife.”

The Life of an Expat Wife can be exhausting though. It’s true. It is full of more ups and downs than “normal life.” I think that’s why I like it most of the time–there is something big always happening to someone. As the wife, mother and pillar of the family, I think I bear the emotional brunt of this stress, though not the financial–that is sadly all my husband’s domain at the moment, though I am daily trying to change that.

Every now and then, you need a diversion from all the madness. Yas Beach is our local spot. We come here whenever we can. You can relax, if you wish. You can rent a paddle board or a kayak and explore the mangroves, if are in the mood for sport. You can have a bite to eat or a drink–they make a mean margarita. 

Today, we just chatted mostly. This beach is really worth a visit if you are ever in Abu Dhabi. It’s on Yas Island, so there are many other attractions, hotels, restaurants and, maybe even a mall sometime soon, Inshallah. 

I understand that this photo of my day today does indeed confirm the validity of the aforementioned joke, but tonight I could care less. Some days, the Life of an Expat wife is da bomb. Thank you.

Mental Health Day at Yas Beach

Mental Health Day at Yas Beach

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