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Daily Photo–Honeyman

They take their honey seriously here in the U.A.E and their love of it goes back to the Old Testament, probably further. Honey is everywhere. There are so many different kinds, and the vendors seem to want you to sample each and every variety. They have honey that is flavored by whatever flower the bees pollinate. They have honey that cures diseases (supposedly). They have honey that they will only sell to married women, because it induces passion and, of course, only married people can feel that here–yes, it’s true! They asked if we were all married women before they gave us a sample. It tasted gross, but I guess it’s good for some. Everyone’s different.

I stumbled on this article about the importance of honey throughout the ages. It’s a quick, interesting, academic(ish) work, if you have a moment to learn about the importance of honey in the Middle East.

Today’s offering: Deerfields Mall Honeyman.


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