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Daily Photo–Harp

This weekend, a Beach Bazaar event took place at our complex. There were vendors from all over the UAE selling everything from abayas to brownies to sponges to a “pre-oil,” local soda pop, called Namlet (meaning those drinks native to here prior to the oil boom when Coca-cola and Pepsi deemed this place a worthy investment for their swill). :/ No comment. I was especially taken with this harpist whose name I did not get, but she played so beautifully. The sodas also made an impression on me and many others as well. The bottle had a most unusual shape and a small ball to contain the carbonation. You depress this little ball with your finger into the bottle and drink. It seemed so old-fashioned. It came in flavors like Rose and Lemon mint–traditional offerings of the Middle East.

My girls declared it the “best night ever” because there were free, yummy cupcakes–thank you, Yas Island Viceroy Hotel. I might have said the same thing but for different reasons. There are days or evenings when I am certain that we are right where we should be at this exact moment, and last night was one of them. It is a rare occurrence for people from all ends of the earth and all walks of life to walk, talk, laugh and share fun as we did last night. Abu Dhabi is home to the cross roads of the world’s population at this moment in time. The city (and the country) is working very hard to be welcoming, tolerant and an impressive host. You should stop by. I think you would be impressed by the warm welcome and the long list of fun family-oriented things to do. Have a look.

Harpist Playing at the Al Muneera Beach Bazaar

Harpist Playing at the Al Muneera Beach Bazaar

Strange dolls

Dolls from the Philippines


Eliza Brush?


Namlet Soft Drinks

Light tricks


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