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Daily Photo–Golden Linings

The day started out stormy and sandy this morning. It looked something like the photo below my Daily Photo the better part of the day. It’s lovely to see a day start out so miserable and then morph into an evening so delightful. Tonight was one of those sunsets so majestic that you sit patiently and watch the whole darn thing, even when you have something in the oven, hours of homework to help with, school uniforms to iron, et al. That never-ending list of things to do that never, ever gets done–the tasks just reappear again every day after you complete them, as sure as the sun rises and falls. 

We got some long-awaited good news today regarding our longer term future here in Abu Dhabi. It’s kind of a long story–one that I am not able to fully share here entirely, so publicly. Other friends shared good news with me today also. It was one of those “good news” kind of days all around, which are just so nice when you have been having a rough time.

So, tonight I share Golden Linings. Silver linings, in the English language, is an idiom for optimism. So, I’ll raise you silver linings. This evening, the sky was rich with clouds with golden linings. Because I am an optimistic sort of person, I think I am going to intuit this as a sign of good–nay, even better–things to come.


Daily Photo--Golden Linings Golden Linings Around the Clouds,  Abu Dhabi Sunset

Golden Linings Around the Clouds


Daily Photo--Golden Linings Sandstormy Morning in Abu Dhabi

Sandstormy Morning

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