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Daily Photo–Desert Storm

Everyone else is posting their wild weather photos today in Abu Dhabi. Why should I be any different? Here’s mine. Today was an absolutely crazy weather day here in the UAE. The morning began with a sand and dust storm, which morphed into a rain storm, which morphed into a deluge and is just now winding down with a quiet thunder and lightning storm. With the exception of the sand storm, the other weather is not the usual for the Middle East. Desert storms move through quickly and forcefully. They are like nothing I have ever seen before, and this town is simply not equipped to handle and drain all the water. To say they are dramatic is an understatement! In a region so parched, they feel amazing. At home, everyone runs inside when the drops begin to fall from the sky; here, everyone dashes outside to feel it fall on their faces. It’s very fun to watch people so thoroughly enjoying something that we take for granted in places like where I just moved from: the Seattle area.

Desert Storm Break in the Clouds

Desert Storm Break in the Clouds


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