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Daily Photo–Beach Balls

Today’s Photo of the Day, I’ll admit, is a little strange. I am not sure if anyone, aside from myself, will see the beauty in it. We spent the past two days relaxing at the beach. The “winter chill,” which here in Abu Dhabi is, of course, in the 70s, has subsided and temperatures are swiftly heating back up into the 90s. We are trying to get out as often as we can before the summer swelter sets in.

Yesterday and today at very low tide, we stumbled on these odd balls of sand. There were distinct, small piles of balls were all over the beach. We could see a little tunnel and some mysterious creature diligently pushing up ball after ball to the surface, but we did not ever see what it looked like–and it was not for lack of trying, I tell ya! We waited patiently for a very long time. We finally gave up and took a swim. I would love to know what the creature is: beetle, crab, worm, no idea? If anyone out there knows, please weigh in. 

I am utterly fascinated by strange occurrences like this in nature. Why on earth does some creature make these balls, toil so pushing them to the surface only to have its hard work washed away with the incoming tide and then wake up and do it all over again? Why bother? This poor creature may have gotten the worst lot in the “Sisiphean task” department, if you ask me. Perhaps we might ponder the same of our human condition and the motions we go through day in and day out? Let me know what you think.

Beach Balls Created by some small underground Creature.

Sand Balls Created by Some Very Small Underground Sea Creature.


Thanks to the research of my friend, Lynn. Here is the very fun answer to the burning question about what creature is making these sand balls/bubbles. Take a second to see:


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