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Daily-ish Photo–Fabric of My Fun in Cairo

Fabric rolls at Cairo Textiles

Fabric Rolls at Cairo Textiles

This past week, I visited Cairo Textiles in Abu Dhabi, not Cairo Egypt–not so lucky yet, friends. I am not really very into clothes. Anyone who knows me knows this. I like quality–I cannot afford the brands or quality that I really like. I like comfort–the cutest clothing is just not usually designed for comfort. I greatly dislike paying exorbitant prices for c.r.a.p. made in China—that just makes me angry. Sorry, won’t do it. Finally, I am living in really hot & sweaty place–for lack of a more gentile way of saying that.  Clothes MUST be designed for this climate specifically. Recently, I have discovered a new and affordable* past time: having clothes made. Forget about prêt-à-porter, these threads were custom made for me and only me, baby! And this new, local pursuit is The Fabric of My Fun in Cairo!

A friend found this spot in an Abu Dhabi Weekly article. We were not disappointed. From a messy artist’s perspective, like me, this place was the epitome of fun. It was a little chaotic, but still vibrant, fun and chock full of texture, history and color (both in fabric and of the more “local color” variety, if you catch my drift.). If you like organization, this place may be a little topsy turvy for you. But, if you like color and fine fabrics, visit Cairo Textiles in Abu Dhabi. 

We all chose fabrics and took them across the road to the “recommended tailor”. There is a Part ٢ on its way, but I am not going to call it that; in the same way, I am heretofore changing the name of the DAILY PHOTO to the DAILY-ish PHOTO, effective immediately, because I cannot keep up--truth

* This is not really affordable. It still costs a pretty penny compared to clothes back home, which are ridiculously cheap so you know America–your clothes are SO cheap compared to the rest of the world. But, they are custom made to fit you (in your present size—not that old one you still think you are–and you can choose your fabrics.)

Fabric Found in Cairo. Cairo Textiles in Abu Dhabi.

Fabric Found in Cairo. Cairo Textiles in Abu Dhabi.

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