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Arabian Goats in A Hotel

Arabian Goats in A Hotel
Plate of cookies Arabian Goats in a Hotel

From “Arabian Goats in a Hotel” to “Plate of Cookies,” Google is constantly re-directing your searches to places you least expect!

WordPress hosts my blog. If you are considering starting your own, this is a great place to start. They give you lots of tools to make the experience of beginning a blog, effortless. In the WordPress dashboard, you can also learn a lot about people, namely the people who read your blog. You can learn where your readers are from, and their interests, to some degree, by what they read. Talk about Big Brother! What I find most interesting is the search terms used to get to me—they are often really weird. The truth is I don’t really care how readers find me, just that they do, indeed, find me and read my blog at all. I am so grateful that people have any interest in reading what I write. Getting back to you, Mr./Ms. “Arabian-Goats-in-A-Hotel Curious, you were a gem in the matrix of stats I check, from time to time, to see what you people read, like and share. You are truly unusual. I am not really sure why Google, in all of its eccentricity, trafficked you to me. I am also not entirely sure why, after my blog’s name “Lizzy of Arabia,” hundreds of other people who searched “plate of cookies” were also sent my way; I don’t even like sweets, let alone blog about them, but any who, I am just glad that you got here. 

Arabian Goats in a Hotel_Beauty Queen

Here’s Looking at You, Kid!

I am sure this post and blog were not what you were querying, but I am curious what you thought. I am more interested in why you were searching “Arabian Goats in a hotel” in the first place, so I began my research. It turns out there are not many offerings if you are Arabian-Goats-in-A-Hotel curious. In fact, you get a lot of BOR-ING trip advisor posts about some hotel in Wales called the Royal Goat Hotel and then you get my 24K Goats to Gold post and then this The Brothel Of Goats, Mexicans And Arabian Jam Tasters, and don’t even ask me what that’s about! Thanks to your query, I chanced to land upon perhaps the best find ever for people like me: The Goat Beauty Pageant in Saudi Arabia. Yes, friends, beauty pageants in the Middle East are not simply for the fair “Ships of the Desert” also known as camels. More than 170 bea-u-ti-ful goats get their chance in the sun too! This pageant is called the “Queen Goat of Hijaz” contest and the lovely goats are judged as such:

The winner will be picked according to its looks, body built, walk and characteristics. Kabar Newspaper

Thank goodness those poor goats aren’t expected to expound on world affairs like some other scantily-clad pageant contestants, with presumably similar IQs, in some countries, I know. Let goats be goats, I say, but I digress. Let’s just say that, while I find this news of this goat beauty pageant earth shatteringly fun, I will probably just stick to camel beauty pageants and skip the visit to my neighbor to the west. I prefer camels, and I think I am not ready for that walk back in time that would be a visit to Saudi Arabia. I might have to just read about this pageant from a close, but far enough, distance.

I suppose the sheer act of penning this post on such an unusual topic will garner me the recognition I so rightly deserve as the clear authority on “Arabian Goats in A Hotel.” That’s right! Number One, baby. Numero Uno in the Google Search Engine ranks. Applause, please! Really, I mean it! That’s the way Google works: it’s kind of popularity-based rather than logical, and I am competing against relatively no one else except the aforementioned Brothel Of Goats, Mexicans And Arabian Jam Tasters and, well, whatever. I have never claimed to be much of an authority on anything. I am what you might call a “Jack of all subjects and a master of nothing,” and I am surprisingly okay with that. If today, with this blog post, I have bestowed the honor of being the expert on Arabian Goats in A Hotel upon myself, so be it. There are much more boring things I could be. I could blog about watching grass grow. Seriously, this is a job. It’s called a Grass Seed Analyst. In the meantime, I will continue blogging about things I know and, of course, many things I don’t. I will not cease to expound upon life’s burning questions and the internet’s least important queries, such as Arabian Goats in A Hotel.

Query, the game Arabian Goats in a Hotel Curious

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