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Always Sunny in Abu Dhabi

View from the Office

View from the Office

I have now been in Abu Dhabi for a little over a week, and the living is very easy. Feast your eyes on the view from my desk, reading spot, gym, napping area, and people watching spot. There is something so natural about a swimming pool. It breaks down cultural divides: kids play with kids easily in the water, adults discuss the sun, the heat and their children. Here, you are as likely to see anything from speedos, bikinis and abayas worn by your fellow pool mates as you are to hear at least 5 different languages spoken by them. I find moments like this really interesting. This is one of the reasons why I came here.  

I am going to get back to “work”, but I just wanted to share my temporary home with you all. It is a far cry from our old home, Olympia, WA. I guess I can get used to working like this. Where do you like to get your work done?

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