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Waking Up & Smelling Real Coffee


Transformer, SO much more than just a dumb movie!

So, yesterday morning, I awoke to the smell of real coffee in my tiny kitchen! For those of you who have been following my journey here, it was long in coming. I have been blogging about my pursuit of a fabled transformer for months in posts like this one.

We went to the Pink Shops on Saturday for poster board and Manakeesh. For the uninitiated, the Pink shops are those bombed out-looking buildings in Khalifa City A (very near to us) where you can buy just about everything you need and have the most foreign and befuddling shopping experience imaginable, and manakeesh is the Arabian equivalent of a quesadilla + a pizza, but it is so much better! We decided to take another look for our much sought after 1500W transformer in the “Advanced Electronics” shop, which looks a bit more like a chinatown knock off Fendi bag “storefront,” but who’s judging? 

We went in and politely asked for this transformer as we had SO MANY TIMES previously, only to be met with “No sorry. No more left. More in 4 weeks, Inshallah.” Not this past Saturday, it was in stock! There were more than enough for every coffee junkie new to Abu Dhabi who is partial to one and only one machine, like me. It was also nothing like I expected.


Are you my Transfomer?

Am I the only one who has not seen one of these things before?! When I hear “transformer,” I immediately think of something like what is shown to the right, when it’s really a lot more like what’s shown to the left. The one we bought weighs a ton and is about the size of a middle of the road dictionary–one not meant for students, but not replete with great words either. It does take up about a 1/10th of my small countertop, but who’s complaining? Not me! It is nestled right next to my beloved espresso machine like a bookend, and I love it! I will love it forever, mostly because it played so hard to get.

Are you my Transfomer?

Are you my Transfomer?

Coffee has made me much cheerier this week. As a result, I want to share these Japanese espresso foam creations that will make you too smile as well, I hope (unless you are out of coffee, not a coffee drinker, hard to impress, or still searching for that transformer somewhere on this earth as I was just two day’s ago. Click here for coffee art!


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