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T.G.I.T.? Thursday is the New Friday

Thank God it's Thursday!

Thank God it’s Thursday!

So, there are a lot of things to get used to here: such as the insane heat, the barren desert views, the ridiculously bad drivers, no ice to be found anywhere—I miss ice. Really! No ice in this heat? But the strangest thing for me so far is the workweek starting on Sunday and ending on Thursday.

I am not yet working here, so the fact that a weekend starts on any particular day shouldn’t really bother me. After all, what is the difference really? We still get two days off together. We spend them the same way, but we just have to re-frame every conversation somehow when we talk about the weekend and the week ahead. We speak excitedly about Thursday night. We make plans for Friday. We relax poolside on Saturday in the knowledge that it all starts again on Sunday. Oh, Sunday: nose to the grindstone. Ho hum, it’s Saturday night. What’s on television?

It reminds me a little of college. You had no classes on Fridays, so Thursday was a BIG night out! Friday was also a night to look forward to, and then there was Saturday… Boring Saturday was always a little anti-climatic. After all, how much more fun could be had? There was probably a lot more fun to be had. I am sure I don’t remember it that clearly. Too many fishbowls of blue drink and pitchers of margaritas at El Jalapeno were had for my memory to be very clear. It was about 20 years’ ago as well. I wish I had not written that.

Tonight is nothing like college. We have two kids. I am finishing up this meager blogpost–sorry, but remember it’s Thursday night!! We are in a foreign land where dancing in the streets and PDA are verboten—nothing remotely like college in the USA. I’m sure that will get used to Thursday being the new Friday in time. In the meantime, enjoy your Thursday night, America! Live it like a college Thursday night–for me, because it would be illegal if I did. I guess I doubt many of you can either, and this is probably a good thing. 


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