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Daily Photo–Turquoise Mosque

I am a more than a little obsessed with all things turquoise, so you know. Every week when I go on my grocery shop to Carrefour, I pass this vivid turquoise mosque on the side of a round-a-bout in a part of Abu Dhabi called Al Shahama. I have never been able to stop and take a photo because roads are complicated here. If I were to take that round-a-bout exit, we would likely get sidetracked trying to get back to the road we want to go on. Or worse, we might get lost. My husband, who is usually with me, likes neither to be side-tracked nor lost. I was alone today, and I relish both. Alas, I did not get lost or side-tracked, but I was able to pull over and get a few photos. It’s Friday (Islamic holy day) so I did not want to get too close for fear of offending someone or, worse yet, looking like some creepy western wannabe terrorist photographing houses of worship and worshippers on Friday–of all days–so I kept my distance.

I love, love, love the color of this particular mosque. Most are stone-colored: beige, sand, or white. While the Grand Mosque, which is glowing white, is striking, this mosque really stands out against the stark desert landscape. If you too are a turquoise lover, check this Pinterest page for fun. 

Turquoise Mosque2


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