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Daily Photo–The Hand of Fatima

Everywhere you go, you see the many hands of Fatima. The Hand of Fatima manifests itself in the form of jewelry, wall hangings, art and many other items here in the Middle East. This hand is also called Khamsa, which is both the Arabic word for “five” and “the five fingers of the hand.” The Hand of Fatima is represented in the form of an amulet shaped like a palm. This motif can be found in neighboring countries as well. Everywhere, they have a slightly different meaning or name due in part to shared and/or opposing cultures, religions, zeitgeists. I find the similarities so fascinating between all these cultures. I know some here and elsewhere cannot see the similarities, but outsiders can.

If you are curious about the myriad meanings of the Hand of Fatima, please read on here. Hands of Fatima are so ubiquitous that I felt compelled to mention them. I hope to give a more detailed history on their significance in the future since they cross so many local cultures and have, not too surprisingly, very different, but similar interpretations–if I forget to elaborate, please remind me! These lovely wall hangings were at the Made in Jordan event referenced here and here. Have a look.

The Many Hands of Fatima.

The Many Hands of Fatima.


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