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Daily Photo–Iranian Souk Pots & Firewood

The addendum, that no one actually asked for, to yesterday’s visit to the Iranian/Plant souk is here! This trip to the Iranian version of an American Dollar Store might have been more welcome if I had actually needed a plastic step stool or some particular color of a plastic bucket. Unless you are in dire need of some extra large pots, skip the Iranian Souk. Don’t pass go, turn your car around and PLEASE make a left for the Plant souk instead–you will thank me for my Abu Dhabi 411 research soon.

My older daughter is sick tonight. I’m almost wordlessly tired of having sick children, and that is beyond rare for me, primarily because my daughters never ailed before they got here. 

What can I say about this seemingly blasé photo? I will say I was struck by the sheer size of the pots ‘n pans at the Iranian Souk. What on earth could these pots cook? They could fit a small human, but I am sure their intent is to cook a meal for a very large, extended family. I cannot wait to find out.

The other stuff looked suspiciously like plastic C-R-A-P from China. I am hopeful that I could be whisked away to Iran (in a parallel shopping moment, of course), but the Iranian Souk just transported me to the discount hardware plastic sections of shopping centers back home, or I am crabby tonight? IDK. I would love to travel to Iran. I have romantic visions, from literature, of the Caspain Sea.

I can see potential for this photo and its potential cookery. All the same: enormous lobster/prawn/crab pots and firewood? YUM! #mainelobster #Potjiekos #maybe?

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