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Daily Photo–Gas Line

Munch painting. Gas lines in the UAE.

“Honey, Can you stop for gas?” Nooooooooooooo!

There is no scarier question posed to me in this country than “Honey, can you stop for gas?” But, what about the Gas Line? I know no one outside of here will get the utter horror I hear in this question, but some of you are quaking in your boots, you know you are!

SILENT SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, it’s not so silent. The script reads more like this:

Me: “NOOOOOO! I can’t. I have no time for that. Why can’t you!”

Husband: “Because you have the car and, if we go during rush hour, the lines will be really long. They are not as bad during the day” (He’s right, but I don’t say it.)

Me: “Still, why can’t you? Do I have to? Noooooooo!

Everyday, I open the US papers I read about the myriad issues surrounding the gas lines crossing the North American continent. One particular gas pipeline in the US is a grave worry for many. Tonight, I would like to share what I think is one of the most unexpected and bizarre problem in the United Arab Emirates for expats—the lack of gas!

“What?” You gasp! “No gas in the Middle East?” I am referring to a lack of gas stations in the Middle East—that is our immediate problem. There is, of course, no imminent shortage of gas here in Abu Dhabi (Dubai perhaps); there are just not enough gas stations to pump that cheap black gold into our thirsty cars!  Sorry to rub that adjective in, but gas is really cheap here. Anyway, we get cheap gas, but you get numerous, full service gas stations. I am not sure if the sticker shock at the end of the fill hurts more than the dread of waiting in the gas line. Right now, I think I’d happily pay more for a conveniently located Chevron station, but perhaps I forget?! Sigh… Expensive gas easily filled everywhere sounds dreamy, no one ever said. Today’s photo:

LONG Lines at my local ADNOC station.

LONG Lines at my local ADNOC station.


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