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What to Wear? What to Wear?

Justin & Jessica

Aren’t they cute?

If I were lucky enough to win free tickets to the Justin Timberlake concert next Friday night here in Abu Dhabi, I would be overjoyed, but inevitably I would be forced to ponder that age-old question that causes women the world over dread: What to Wear? is running this competition for local bloggers to win tickets. All a gal (or a guy) has to do to enter, is have a look through their spring collection, and put together an outfit. Easy peasy, right?! Well, not so much for me. 

I have blogged numerous times about my disinterest in both fashion and shopping, which are, of course, the past times of choice here in the Emirates where shopping and malls take on an almost ritualistic quality to city dwellers. If you like to shop, I can honestly not think of a better place in the world to live than here! I do not relish the weekend pilgrimage to the mall, but I love to online shop; oh, how I miss Amazon. So I was initially reluctant to enter this competition. I am so glad that I did though! Sivvi is really fun. The website is user-friendly and colorful. They sell some of my favorite brands, like T-bags and Splendid, and so many others that I only just discovered. I love to make unexpected discoveries this way!

Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake

The Muse to Justin

That’s the background on this post. So, where does a blogger like moi, who is, let’s say a wee bit fashion-challenged, even begin? I decided to forget about man in the suit & tie and consider his bee-u-tiful wife, Jessica Biel. What might she wear to her man’s show in Abu Dhabi? Well, she is, of course, drop dead gorgeous. She can wear anything she wants, but she always manages to keep it simple, graceful and sophisticated, which is the way I probably would dress if I didn’t work from home and always spill stuff all over my brand new shirt. In putting together my ensemble, I attempted to channel Jessica’s look, and I’m calling it Stand Out Sophisticate with a dash of bohemian; an outfit as suited for day out shopping as it could be for Coachella. Here goes!

Justin Timberlake, Abu Dhabi competition

My Outfit Mood board. Pick me, please!!

If I were going to the JT concert, and I had the luxury of choosing anything that I wanted at Sivvi, I would choose this look. It is a concert, which is taking place in the evening, and the weather will likely be hot, hot, hot, so I opted for something light and breezy. This T-bags romper is perfect for both battling crowds and elbowing your way to the front row and yet simple, chic and sophisticated. I paired the romper with these cute neon yellow sandals from Lucy Choi for a pop of color since navy is maybe a bit too sophisticated for a concert on its own. These fun wedges not only add a little color, but also a little Rock n’ Roll with the steel spikes. Voilà! That was easy. No fuss outfit done! Next, I bee lined it to the accessories—these are always my personal favorite part of any outfit because they totally change the look of anything. It was so easy on this site to throw together a “matching,” but not too “matchy matchy,” look. I chose this Orla Keily patent leather small purse. It’s small enough to hold a few things, but easy to carry. It looks like it might even fit into a pocket, and it’s the perfect color. The jewelry was the most fun! There were so many colors and designs to choose from; deciding which to choose was nearly impossible! I opted to stick to yellow because it was bright and fun and lent the romper a bohemian element. I started with the wrist candy. I love, love, love this Skinny Cuff by Deepa Gurnani! I want to own it in every color. Finally, for the pièce de résistance: this Headband. I love this; it is so feminine and carefree. I am not positive that I would actually pull it off, but Jessica sure could!

There you have it: My creation! I love it. I would wear this everyday. I would own that romper in every color. I might even be bold enough to try the headband, if I won this competition and actually got to go. Please visit Sivvi. If you like simple, I think you’ll like it. Online stores, like Sivvi, help people like me figure out what to wear. In the interest of full disclosure, if I were to win, I do plan on sending my daughter and her friend, Victoria! They are 13, and this would be a dream come true!, can you make this happen for them? May the best ensemble win! I hope it’s me!!

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